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It is important to be informed what freezing temperatures can do to your water pipes. When temperatures drop below freezing, pipes that are in unheated areas can freeze. A broken pipe can run 8 gallons a minute which can cause thousands of dollars of damage rapidly. When water freezes it expands. As your pipes freeze the expanding water causes pipes to break. Most common breaks are in places that are exposed to freezing temps such as outdoor water spigots, crawlspaces, basements etc. Remember on extremely cold days to let cold water drip from faucets that are fed by exposed pipes. Running water will help prevent pipe from freezing.

Before winter weather arrives, here are some tips to prevent pipes from freezing:

• If you are a customer who leaves for winter, use the shut off valve at your house and turn meter off. This protects you from having leaks while you are not here.

• Pinpoint where all the shut off valves on your property are and make sure they are working properly.

• Drain water from sprinkler systems, pools and hose bibs.

• Seal off any areas around your property where cold air can come in contact with your piping. The smallest opening can let cold air in that could potentially cause pipes to freeze.

• Locate any possible problems in areas where pipes are exposed to severe cold. Hot and cold water pipes should be well insulated.

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