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Notla Water Authority: Union County's Largest Water Provider

Serving Blairsville, Georgia since 1965
Manager:  Jennifer Maier

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Lead & Copper Rule Revision - Project Update

Attention: Notla Water Authority Customers

As part of the Lead and Copper Revision Rule (LCRR) published in December 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring all community water systems to develop an inventory of all service line connections, both system-owned and customer-owned.  The inventory must identify the potential of lead within each service line connection by October 2024.  Notla Water Authority crews will be working to develop this inventory for the next year.  Please be advised that our crews will be flagging and working around your water meter.  Rest assured, this is an information gathering project only, and will not result in an interruption in water service.

Our Water System

The journey from the source to the tap...

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Glasses of Water

Water Source:

Pristine groundwater from wells in the mountains of North Georgia is blended with water from our beautiful Lake Nottely...

Managed and safeguarded in part by GA DNR, the TVA, and Notla Water Authority

Water Treatment Facility

The water goes through a rigorous treatment process and thoroughly tested by Notla Water's State-certified treatment plant and drinking water laboratory...

Microfloc Filter Package Plant, State-Certified by Georgia EPD


The treated finished water is distributed to the community of Blairsville, while being continuously tested and monitored by our staff...

We work closely with the GA Environmental Protection Division, EPA, GA Rural Water Association, and the American Water Works Association

What We Do

Notla Water Authority's team of dedicated employees and board members work tirelessly to provide clean, safe and reliable water to Union County.  We strive daily to produce great quality drinking water at a low affordable rate for our community we love and cherish.

Contact Us

1802 Pat Haralson Dr, Blairsville, GA 30512
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 609, Blairsville, GA 30514

Phone (706) 745-4598

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